Reekie Ferguson

Reekie Ferguson, made in 1949. One of a few hundred Fergusons that were converted for use in fruit growing areas in Scotland by Reekie Engineering. These tractors were also known as “Berry” tractors

Creamery Ex DSC02712

The centrepiece of this display of dairy and creamery related items is a portable milking machine that was sourced from Forest Glade Farm, Kilmeedy

Universal 445. Hundreds of these were sold locally by Geary's Garage in the 1970's

Universal 445. Hundreds of these were sold locally by Geary’s Garage in the 1970’s. They were made in Romania and based on a Fiat design

Overtime X 4 !

Overtime X 4 !. Four Overtimes together would be a rare sight anywhere in the world. These 4 Overtimes were restored from very poor condition.

Overtime tractor. Harry Ferfuson imported about 250 of these into Irekand around 100 years ago.

Overtime tractor. Harry Ferguson imported about 250 of these into Ireland around 100 years ago.

Leyland F345 Truck

Leyland F345 Truck. This was originally used by O’Leary Bros. of Bruff and later by P. Geoghegan & Sons of Glin. Now restored and displayed with milk tankards from local creameries. 

Allegro Vanden Plas

The Allegro Vanden Plas was the top spec version of the Allegro. This one was made in 1979

Morris Minor DSC02726a

The Morris Minor was very popular from the 1950’s up to the 1970’s. This example is in excellent condition.