Please Attend Public Meeting on Future of West Limerick Resources on Wednesday May 7th

Public Meeting

Threat to Future of West Limerick Resources

Wednesday 7th May 2014 @ 8pm

Courtenay Lodge Hotel, Newcastle West

The future of your local development company, West Limerick Resources, and the supports we provide is under threat.

A public meeting will be held on Wednesday May 7th at 8pm in the Courtenay Lodge Hotel, Newcastle West, to outline the proposed changes to the local development sector and how these changes will impact on this organisation, your community and you.

Under proposals for local government reform West Limerick Resources two core funding programmes – The Local & Community Development Programme and the Rural Development (LEADER) Programme will now come under the control of a new body, Local and Community Development Committee to be established by the local authority.

West Limerick Resources believes these changes will have far reaching consequences for the company and the range of economic, community and social supports we deliver including threatening the  future delivery of our other programmes including the Rural Social Scheme, TUS and Jobs Club.

We urge you to attend our meeting on May 7th to learn the full details of these changes and have the opportunity to have your voice heard on the issue. To show you support we are asking you to:

  • Please sign a national on-line petition in support of local development  (Please note that when signing the petition a ‘donation box’ may appear – just click the ‘x’ on the donation box and your signature will still be counted – this appears as the petition is a free service so they try to collect donations)
  • Raise your concerns about this issue with local election candidates, requesting that West Limerick Resources continue to receive the funding to act as the local development company for this area
  • Keep up-dated on developments through local media and our website
  • Follow us on Facebook

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