The Phoenix Project in Kilmeedy village is well underway. The project is a partnership between Kilmeedy Development and Milford Care Centre’s Compassionate Communities Seed Fund and is focused on developing a new community space for young and old, native and visitor alike. The main theme of the project is honouring and remembering the cycle of life, death and survival. The space in the centre of Kilmeedy is currently being prepared as a heritage garden with planting, art pieces and landscaping all done by local volunteers across the spectrum of ages and capacities.

Kilmeedy is famous for the beautiful flower and plant displays along its streets each summer. A large pyramid-shaped hothouse is planned as a centre-piece for the project and this will be used to propagate flowers and plants through a year-round cycle of seed-saving and planting. Kilmeedy’s National School children kicked off the seed-saving part of the project with plants they had grown from seed themselves and planted into the garden this week. The Phoenix Project will have its official opening in the coming weeks. More updates to come.
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