In Kilmeedy we have a man
who fell to earth.
He looks over the gate
eyes are always open,

In his hand is a bird of peace.
He says, “The most important thing you can have,
is compassion”.
How did the man get here?
his legs are somewhere else.

It took four strong men
to lift him in.
A Sculptor called Nick made the man.
They say when Nick played hurling
he often carried the whole team on his shoulders.
He has a good team around him here.

The man who fell to earth says,
“You know we will all die,
people will cry, so be kind to them.
And what will we leave behind?
You can’t put a hitch on a hearse”.

At the back of his house
where Mary the poet works,
stands a pyramid.
There is a winding path to the pyramid.

Mary says “Life does not run in straight lines.
Take time to enjoy life. Travel a crooked road.
You will be at home long enough.
We will all fall to earth”.

By Joe Healy