Second Annual Report

More than two years after was officially launched its time once again to see how things have been progressing.

The website has grown into a considerable resource over the past two years and now contains over 290 pages of information and over 760 photographs, videos and music tracks.

Since the live pre-launch period back in February 2013, we have been using Google Analytics to see how the website has been used. None of the data provided allows us to identify individuals or groups of individuals but it does allow us a good insight into the types of visits and visitors to the site.

An increased number of vistors used the site in the past 12 months. 4,500 visitors read almost 18,000 pages of content. On average approximately 90 users still visit the site each week. Since the initial launch over 8100 visitors have read over 45,000 pages on the website.


Most visitors to the site are from Ireland but we have reached quite a large number of countries over the past year.


Visitors from 96 different countries viewed the site in the last year, users from a total of 108 countries have visited the site since launch.


Here is an image cloud based on the top 50 searches made in search engines such as Google which led users to visit since the 1st January 2015 (a problem with the analytics code meant this facility wasn’t available for the months previous to then)


Since January has shown up in almost 80,000 search queries, here is a list of the top 10 pages on the site that users viewed from the those queries.