With the country basking in recording breaking sunshine and temperatures lets have a look at how Feenagh-Kilmeedy fared out.

Nationally the most notable temperature of 32.0˚C was recorded in Shannon on the 28th, the highest temperature recorded since the 33.3˚C record set in Kilkenny in 1887. However our weather unit recorded 32.9˚C on both the 28th and 29th of June. If only it was connected to Met Eireann and maybe we could have the official temperature record !!!

Although we often complain Ireland is too wet only 5.4mm of rain was recorded in June and only 26.1mm was recorded in May.

Highlights Feenagh-Kilmeedy June 2018

21 days recorded temperatures over 20.0˚C, 11 days exceeded 27.0˚C , 5 days recorded averages over 20.0˚C between day and night, only 5.4mm of rain was recorded over the month.

Here’s a look at the summary data for Feenagh-Kilmeedy for June 2018: