imageWork continues apace as Kilmeedy’s Phoenix Project draws near to its opening day. Set in the grounds of the Old Garda Barracks, the project consists of a garden full of heritage and rare plants that is being developed by local people and where young and old can go to work, to walk, to read and to reflect. The Phoenix Project is a tribute to the cycle od life and death and especially to the endurance and compassion of the human spirit. An initiative of Kilmeedy Development it is also part-funded by Milford Care Centre’s Compassionate Seed Fund.

A magnificent pyramid-shaped hot-house is currently in construction and this will be the developmental and ornamental centrepiece of the garden where the practice of seed-saving and propagation will become part of the fabric of this community that is already known for the wonderful flower displays along its streets all summer long. Inside the gates of the garden is a figure of a man, sculpted by local artist Nick Roche. The figure symbolises peace and the love of nature and holds a dove on his outstretched palm while part of his body is rooted deeply in the earth. All of Kilmeedy is working towards the project opening later in the Summer, date to be confirmed.image