Wishing all our Readers and Parishioners a Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year.


Rosary at Kilmeedy church on Friday, December 20 at 7 pm.

Rosary at Feenagh church on Friday, December 27 at 7 pm.


Saturday, December 21 at Feenagh church at 7.30 pm.

Reader – Rosario Irwin, Eucharistic minister – Timmy Cremin.


Feenagh church at 6 pm, Kilmeedy church at 8 pm.

Christmas day mass at Feenagh church at 10.30 am. (Christmas dues will be taken up at all masses).

Saturday, December 28 at Feenagh church at 7.30 pm – Reader – Mona Donegan, Eucharistic minister – Sharon Danaher.

Saturday, January  4 2020, mass in Kilmeedy church at 7.30 pm.


The annual ring in the New Year, ring out the old year will be performed in Kilmeedy village on Tuesday, December 31.


The G.A.A Lotto will take place on Monday, December 30.

Feenagh Kilmeedy Community Alert

Feenagh Kilmeedy Community Alert (BeAlert) is a text message service that

·         Receives a text alert sent by Gardai to alert local community members of a threat in the area.

·         Allows the members of the local community group to transmit local alerts in a secure private application.

·         Reduces crime in an area.

·        The Annual cost is €10.00

Further Information & Application Forms are available from The Old Garda Barracks, Kilmeedy. Tel: 063 87961

Group organisers Thomas Prout, Sharon Danaher, Patrick Reidy, Nicky O Doherty, Tina Behan.


Just to remind everyone that there is a local link Bus service through Kilmeedy village every day, six times a day from Monday to Saturday, the Newcastlewest to Charleville route. It is passing through Kilmeedy and collects at the graveyard at the following times:7.55 am, 9.25 am,12.55 pm,15.14 pm,16.50 pm,18.15 pm. The Charleville to Newcastlewest times returning outside the graveyard are 8.25 am,9.55 am, 13.25 pm,15.55 pm,17.15 pm,18.45 pm. 

Feenagh local link bus times – Newcastlewest to Charleville (St Itas’ church):8.04 am, 9.34 am, 13.04 pm, 15.23 pm, 16.59 pm, 18.24 pm. Charleville to Newcastlewest: 8.16 am, 9.46 am, 13.16 pm, 15.46 pm, 17.06 pm, 17.06 pm, 18.36 pm. A return trip costs €5 and a single fare is €3, Weekly €20. Free Travel pass holders travel free and children up to 5 years travel free. Student fares single €2, Return €3, weekly €12.

 If you would like a timetable or further information call to the CE office here in Kilmeedy and your continued support of this service is appreciated.

Case studies needed

My name is Mari and I am currently working as a Nutritional Therapist. Through my work, I am seeing a growing need for a greater focus on the mind-body connection and emotional health. I am therefore studying Body Talk, a modality I hope to combine with my Nutritional Therapy to bring a well-rounded comprehensive approach to health. 

As part of my training, I am doing a number of case studies – I am therefore looking for willing bodies! It is a very gentle therapy using muscle testing and gentle tapping techniques. All that is required of the client is to lie down relax. I am based in Kilmeedy – if you are interested, please give me a call or text on 087 3664475. Thanks, Mari


Kilmeedy Development group is appealing to the people of Kilmeedy village and surrounding areas asking you to get out those old photos. We would like to borrow any old photos of Kilmeedy that you may have. We just want to copy them as we would like to put together a photo wall to add old meaning to the new shop/cafe. If you have any that you are willing to share with us you can call into the old Garda barracks now The Phoenix project or contact Ellen on 0874374494.