Rosary at Feenagh church on Friday October 26 at 7 pm.


Mass at Feenagh church on Saturday October 27 at 7.30pm – Joan and John  P O Sullivan RIP ,Callahow.

Reader – Mona Donegan, Eucharistic minister – Timmy Cremin, Altar servers – James and Anne O Connor.

Mass at Kilmeedy church on Sunday October 28 at 10 am- James Holmes RIP, Gortnagluggin,Parents Con and Mary, Sister Ita, Brother Seán.

Reader – TJ Madigan, Eucharistic minister –Mary Beaulieu.


Pastoral Council members from the Parishes of Dromcollogher/Broadford,Raheen/Ashford and Feenagh/Kilmeedy are meeting with Bishop Brendan Leahy at the Desmond Complex Newcastlewest on Thursday October 25 at 7.30 pm. All members are asked to attend.


Feenagh Kilmeedy GAA AGM at the Club House on Friday November 30 at 8 pm.


The Wedding took place at St Itas church Feenagh on Friday October 19 between Paul Duggan, Shanagolden and Catherine Holmes Gortalassa ,Feenagh.

The Bestman was John Shanahan.

Groomsmen Wayne Lynch, Brandon Murphy.

Chief Bridesmaid was Maireád Kelleher.

Bridesmaids were Caroline O Callaghan, Sharon Shanahan.

Pageboy Jack Shanahan. Flowergirls Sarah Kelleher, Amy Kelleher, Lucy Shanahan.

Lighting of Candles – John Holmes, Noelle Madigan.

Readers –Lucy Kelleher, Margaret O Brien.

Prayers of the Faithful – Shona Murphy, Ray Fennelly, Diana Murphy, John Hanlon, Christine Murphy,Sr Martina Holmes.

Offertory Procession – Kathleen Holmes, Mary Duggan.

Communion Reflection – Bobby Murphy.

Music – Michael Murphy, Singer – Julie Cronin.

The marriage ceremony was performed by Very Rev Fr Patrick Bluett PP, Feenagh Kilmeedy.

Concelebrant – Very Ref Canon Anthony O keeffe PP, Shanagolden,Foynes,Robertstown. The Reception was held at Devon Inn Hotel, Templeglantine. We congratulate the Newlyweds.



Tidy Towns Competition 2018

Adjudication Report

Centre:   Kilmeedy  County:  Limerick  Ref:   223  Mark:   290

Category: A

Date(s):   26/06/2018

Mark   Maximum 2017 2018
Community – Your Planning and involvement 60 36 37
Streetscape & Public Places 50 42 42
Green Spaces and Landscaping 50 40 40
Nature and Biodiversity in your Locality 50 28 29
Sustainability –Doing more with less 50 17 18
Tidiness and Litter Control 90 61 61
Residential Streets & Housing Areas 50 31 32
Approach Roads, Streets & Lanes 50 30 31
TOTAL MARK 450 285  290

Community – Your Planning and Involvement/An Pobal – Pleanáil agus Rannpháirtíocht:

Tá fáilte romhat chuig comórtas Náisiúnta na mBaile slachtmhara. Thank you for the filled up entry form and the excellent map provided. We are pleades to find that you have included a three – five year plan this year, and this plan makes a lot of sense.You have a good sided committee and enjoy the support of some volunteers. Plenty meetings are being held to monitor progress and plan ahead. The agencies and bodies listed in your entry are obviously impressed with your contribution to make you place better and a safer place to live in and are therefore willing to support you. The people of Kilmeedy are well informed of your activities. We applaud the work that is being done in the national school garden. You have a long history of  17 years in the competition and it is pleasing to learn that the village has improved year on year  from being involved in the competition. You have an impressive list of stakeholders as you say to create positive social change. This is a good approach to the competition.

Streetscape & Public Places / Sráid-Dreach & Áiteanna Poiblí:

We admired your splendid new signage-well done. It would be great to see your derelict buildings returned back into family homes and it is pleasing to learn that the 3 such houses are back in circulation. Some antique farm machinery nicely displayed at intervals is attractive and reminds us of the farming methods used in this area in former days. It is nice to see some signposts for historical locations such as the Fair Field. An unusual traditional water pump was looking as good as the first day water flowed there and the crane and pot are nice antique objects. Aras Ida was festooned with lovely flowers and it is nice to see recognition for the visit of Mary MacAleese President of Ireland in 2011 when she came to your village and I can imagine the excitement that this caused amongst the people. Outstanding features of Kilmeedy re the splendid church and very well maintained school, and these are a credit to the local people. Geary’s garage was neat and tidy.

We saw the ongoing work on shop/café and look forward to its completion. Glen bar is very clean and orderly and serves nice tea and coffee.

Green spaces and landscaping/Spásanna Glasa agus Tírdhreachú:

We admired your new birch trees by the side of the Boreen lane. There are many benefits from trees, some of which are as follows; they change from season to season where in summer they provide height, colour and fragrance, then in winter the bare branches of deciduous trees and the leaf bedecked stems of evergreens ensure that we are looking at a garden border and not looking at a bare patch of ground. Trees provide shelter and food for wildlife mainly birds and they reduce the visual impact of larger buildings in the vicinity. They bring an air or maturity to lawns and gardens. Trees like everything else need regular monitoring and some older trees can have hidden diseases like for instance mushrooms growing at the base that should be checked. The problem could be Ganodera notably at the base of mature beech trees, and such trees could have significant heart rot. An infected tree could fall over in stormy weather.

The Phoenix project is an exciting project/adventure and obviously much enjoyed by the parishioners and many visitors to Kilmeedy. The many planters add colour and sparkle to the surroundings notably on the way down to the Fernview estate.

Landscaping at Fernview is done in a most professional manner.

The householders of the village play a prominent role with lovely floral arrangements with plants in pots, window boxes and hanging baskets.

Nature and Biodiversity in your locality / An Dúlra agus an Bhithéagsúlacht i do cheantar:

It is nice to have this insect friendly garden and I read with interest you intend to build 2 insect hotels. I agree with the statement that The Boreen Lane is your huge biodiversity project. We walked down to the duck pond and a notice advised us to keep calm and quack on – very good advice. We were impressed to find that this area is respected by young and old with no evidence of other activity as in some other areas anti-social behaviour is carried out in such places, but no way in Kilmeedy. Your pergola is very well manufactured. It certainly is a relaxing place to rest at lunchtime. Yes we saw some lovely ducks there. We enjoyed the company of a few birds and butterflies.

Sustainability – Doing more with less/ Inmhartanacht – Mórán ar an mbeagán:

I note you intend to have an extra compost area developed in the Boreen lane. Composting is the way forward and you could further educate the people on how best to do this by, for instance, holding a workshop that demonstrates that to achieve the best results we must mix green kitchen waste with brown waste like hedge clippings and also by turning it regularly  and you can get more information on this from Limerick County Council. Composting reduces the amount of waste going to landfill and produces good material for the vegetable gardens and flower beds. The harvesting of water is a very important initiative.

Vegetables were growing very well in the community garden out the Feenagh road, and this of course produces fresh produce but also cuts down on packaging that we get in the vegetable shops and supermarkets.

You are active in this category and have very good future plans. Perhaps you could make contact with Limerick County Council who could greatly assist you how make future progress in this category.

Tidiness and Litter Control / Slachtmhaireacht agus Rialú Bruscair:

This is an interesting concept of not using bins for litter apart from the one outside the school, and no litter was found on our visit. You are fortunate to have the work done on the CE scheme. Hopefully you will soon find a location for a recycling facility. We wish you well in your anti litter campaign and hopefully the notice boards will have the desired effect. Well done for participating in the annual spring clean up and this leaves our countryside clean and orderly. I must congratulate your community for the splendid condition of the graveyards on the Feenagh road and wonder what is the position of the ruin in the middle? This structure must be left in the hands of the experts as it looks in a dangerous state. Nice flowers adorned the railing on the graveyard.

Residential Streets & Housing Areas / Sráideanna Cónaithe & Ceantair Tithíochta:

This is a beautiful place to live in and visit where there are splendid town houses and once off houses on the approach roads. We were delighted with the estate Ferndale with splendid houses and that outstanding landscaping. This estate is a credit to all the people living there – well done to all concerned.

Approach Roads, Street &Lanes / Bóithre Isteach, Sráideanna &  Lánaí:

On all the roads going into the village we loved the large stone road- signage – welcome to Kilmeedy and most of them were bilingual. The road sides coming from Ballingarry are very nicely maintained with neat grass margins, but I liked the lovely Irish ditches on some of the other roads that only need annual maintainence and absorb material thrown up by passing traffic. Some nice traditional stone walls are pleasant features of Kilmeedy. We read good information in a map near the Glen bar notably of places of local interest and two scenic routes.

Concluding Remarks:

It was a pleasure to spend a few hours amongst your people. Well done for a great effort.