First Annual Report

One year after was officially lauched its time to see how we’ve been doing.

The website has grown into a considerable resources over the past year or so containing over 240 pages of information, over 620 photographs and a number of videos and music tracks.

Over the past 14 months or so we have been using Google Analytics in line with our cookies policy to see how the website has been used both during its prelaunch development phase and during the year since. None of the data provided allows us to identify individuals or groups of individuals but it does allow us a good insight into the type of person who visits us.

We have had over 4,000 visitors during that time who have read over 28,000 pages of content. The average user spends 4 minutes on the site at a time reading on average 4 pages in that time. On average approximately 90 users visit the site each week.Totals

A little over 40% of our visitors are regular users who regularly check in on the site to keep up to date with the latest news from the parish


Most visitors to the site are from Ireland but we have reached quite a large number of countries over the past year. Visitors from 75 different countries in total have viewed the site.



Out of the 7000 sessions in the past year 426 have been generated through Facebook likes and referrals


Here are the top 40 search terms used in search engines such as Google which brought people to view the website, these search engines listed feenagh-kilmeedy 80,000 times as people searched the internet.

1 feenagh kilmeedy
2 kilmeedy
3 craft fair
4 feenagh
5 kilmeedy co limerick
6 donegans garage feenagh
7 feenagh oil
8 ice hurling
9 content development group book
10 crafts logo
11 feenagh kilmeedy gaa
12 ireland 100 years ago
13 overtime tractor
14 shane fitzgerald meelin
15 feenagh limerick
16 john deere header f series kearney mo
17 limerick lifelong learning festival 2014
18 milford hospice
19 munster gaa
20 versensprung
21 ballysaggart v grenagh
22 holy year 1950
23 john deere header c series kearney mo
24 munster gaa results
25 universal 445
27 feenagh co limerick
28 kilmeedy horticulture
30 west limerick resources
31 community first responder
32 community first responders ireland
33 feenagh national school
34 gaa posts
35 group presentation
36 john deere header d series kearney mo
37 universal445
38 woodland trust
39 “brian o’callaghan”
40 “irish planning institute”

Out of almost 80,000 search queries which resulted in a search engine giving a results, the following are the top 10 pages and the amount of times they were shown in a results listing.

1 5,500(6.96%)
2 4,500(5.69%)
3 4,500(5.69%)
4 3,000(3.80%)
5 3,000(3.80%)
6 3,000(3.80%)
7 2,500(3.16%)
8 2,500(3.16%)
9 1,600(2.02%)
10 1,600(2.02%)

Finally we come to security and more importantly the security of the site visitor. Not everybody on the internet is well intentioned, and small websites like ours are often hacked in an effort to use them for less legitimate purposes. Sometimes the aim is to pass viruses onto the visitor but more usually it is an attempt to gain control of the servers upon which the sites are hosted and then use their power and resources to attack larger websites and networks which often contain data such as credit card numbers.

At we take security very seriously and restrict access to the server side to trusted members of the community acting on behalf of their relevant association. Each user has a unique login, with secure passwords and require two-factor authentication, in others words a keyword pin as well as a password. Attempts to hack this secure login are recorded and the IP address of the computer which identifies who the person is, is also recorded. As a result of this high level of security we have blocked access to 2500 attackers from across the globe. In each of these cases they are users who have made repeated and multiple attempts to access the secure area of the site. (N.B. These users are not included in the details, charts etc. given above, these are extra users. This data is taken from the non public server side, an area where Google Analytics does not access or record)

If you think your computer is infected with viruses, there are a number of very good free tools which can help.

Two highly recommended free tools are

Malwarebytes AntiMalware: available here
Spybot Search and Destroy: available here

If you represent a local group and would like to submit content to the site, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] No website experience is needed, posting to the site is much the same as sending an email.

If you have old photographs, letters, newspaper articles etc. which would be suitable for the website and would like us to scan them and return them to you, please contact us at [email protected] or contact Hayley in the Community Development Office on 063-87961, [email protected]

If you have any suggestions, advice etc. which you think could help further the website please don’t hesitate to contact us, feedback and advice is always gratefully received.

Finally, a big ‘thank you’ to all those who contributed to the site over the past year and helped to grow it into a valuable and popular community resource.