Congratulations to musician Darren Roche from neighbouring Castlemahon and his band Moxie on reaching their Fundit target of €12,000 to record their new album in the new year.

They are ready to record in January and February with Séan Óg Graham of Beoga and Trevor Hutchinson of Lúnasa who will be engineering and mixing the album. Mastering to be done by Jon Astley of Edge Mastering.

Their music has a solid traditional backbone. Jazz, rock, bluegrass and world music rhythms and harmonies are creatively structured around this base treating the listener to layers of rich and intricate sounds as the band deliver a punchy programme of both their own compositions and old tunes with a new emerald vibe.

Reviews of their recent EP included:

“This is a stunning debut from five of the best musicians on the scene today; the fact that they are so young is both frightening and inspirational too. I find myself for some reason comparing this EP in terms of instrumentation, virtuosity, rhythmical interplay etc to Béla Fleck’s eponymous album “Drive” which changed my perception of what “Bluegrass” music was supposed to sound like and would not be one bit surprised if Moxie has a similar affect on some people’s perception of “Irish music”. Their sound is sophisticated, slick and adventurous yet exciting, full of fun and overflowing with fresh ideas. Moxie’s unique approach is both melodically and rhythmically addictive; surprises lurk around every corner in the form of instrument and metre changes combined with intelligent and well executed arrangements. I’m very excited by the music Moxie are making and look forward to hearing a lot more from them in the years to come” – Kevin Crawford (Lúnasa)

“Moxie! ….I love this band! Irish trad with many beautiful twists and turns….Rocking tunes, fresh, gorgeous arrangements, stunning harmonies and class playing from top to bottom….this band is not afraid to step outside the box and explore all musical possibilities! There new EP deserves your full attention…..soulful, sexy and full of passion….listen to this band! Get out and see them live! You will not be disappointed!”- Winifred Horan (Solas)

You can learn more about Moxie at their website and their Facebook page MoxieMuso

Listen to some more tracks: