Letter to editor, as published in the Limerick Leader during 2010.

Let’s hear it for GAA’s wonderful women
I HAVE been involved with GAA for many years and I am writing to acknowledge and thank the women of my own parish and indeed most
Rural parishes throughout the country for the wonderful work they have
done for the GAA. I feel that without these women, some of our clubs would certainly have struggled to survive (especially at under age level). I have to ask:

Who transports the children to and from the games?
Who has the gear washed and cleaned and prepared for the next match?
Who juggles precious time between training, matches and homework?
Who comforts them when they don’t make the first fifteen?
Who is there to nurse them through their many injuries?

The answer of course, is the women and mothers of the country! I was reminded of this again last week while watching the Late Late Show and saddened to hear that in 2010 the only credit we women and mothers get is for making sandwiched.

Shelia Roche