First Published: THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL, GALWAY, Monday, January 12, 1824

LIMERICK, Jan. 7- On Saturday morning, at 2 o’clock, the house of James Leddin, of Pallis, in the barony of Kenry, who was deputed to take the charge of the property distrained for rent, was set on fire in his absence, and totally consumed-the family narrowly escaped destruction.

On Monday night, two men went to the house of Mr. Wm. Nagle, in the town of Kilmaliock in, this county, and asked to see him when, on his appearing, one of them struck him a blow with a back part of a hatchet, which knocked him down. While he lay on the ground, they endeavoured to cut his throat with a razor, but though they mangled him very much, they did not succeed. The Police being informed of it shortly after, we are happy to say, both the fellows were secured and identified. One of them had the razor in his pocket, and his clothes besmeared with blood.

Pursuant to adjournment, a Special Sessions, under the Insurrection Act, was held on Friday in Mallow, in presence of Mr. Blacker, M. Hobson, and a full bench of Magistrates. Thirty-eight prisoners were in custody, all under nearly the same charge, but none of the cases were of any interest, and all were acquitted and discharged.

About the hour of 2 o’clock p.m. on Sunday, about the hour Mass was performing at the Chapel of Kilmeedy and Ratheahill, a large rick of hay contiguous thereto, was maliciously set on fire and consumed by some evil-minded persons. It had been previously sold by auction for rent and arrears due to the proprietor of the farm.

At the fair of Kilmeedy, which was held on Wednesday last, Francis Percy, Esq., Chief Constable attended by a party of the 10th regiment from Mainhouse, and a few Police, proceeded to the fair green to prevent a fight, which, from the active preparations that were made for some days before, by the heads of two contending parties, denounced a most sanguinary conflict; however, in actual defiance of the Military and Police, the parties, after exhibiting a variety of manoeuvers in marching and counter-marching, &c. came into contact on the flanks of one of their lines, but were soon dispersed, and a few of their heads taken prisoners and brought to Newcastle bridewell, one of whom is charged with striking one of the Police with a stone, which cut him severely.

The fair of Purt, also, near Abbeyfeale, which was held a few days back, exhibited a scene of bloodshed and horror. Several men were beaten almost to death, with sticks, pitchforks, & stones, by the rage of the two parties

Source: Connacht Journal via IrelandOldNews